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Business Plan - Total Build Time (10 - 12 Months)

Governing Documents

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Covenants     Covenant Clarifications    Bylaws     Pier Regulations

Download the FFR Submission Document Here: Click Here

First Flight Ridge ARB Plan Submission - Required Document Checklist

  1. Owner and Builders Plan Submission Sheet

  2. Application Fee - Check in the amount of $500.00 (Non-Refundable) made out to First Flight Ridge Homeowners Association

  3. Security Deposit- Check in the amount of $ 2000.00 (Refundable after granting of ARB Certificate of Completion) made out to First Flight Ridge Homeowner’s Association

  4. Site Survey/Site Plan (Scale 1” = 30”)

  5. Construction Drawings with a stamp or seal: Scale ¼” = 1’ 0”

  6. Summary of Areas (by floor level) - Minimum heated/air conditioned living area square footage 2100 sq. ft.

  7. Specification Schedule

  8. Deck/porch as a Percentage of Living Area

  9. Percentage of Lot Coverage Calculations

  10. Landscape Plan- Including frontage requiring sod and landscaping plan with functioning irrigation system. Waiver of sod 
    requirement considered by ARB if terrain/slope of front yard is not amenable to mowing. Landscaping plan for front yard required if 
    waiver granted for sod requirement.

  11. Exterior Color Plan- color based on multiple shades of earth tones and white.

  12. Parking Plan

  13. Roofing material specifications

  14. Foundation, piling & lattice- Materials and Exterior Treatment

  15. Exterior Wall Materials- Hardy-Plank, Natural wood materials, LP Smartside. No vinyl or aluminum siding allowed.

  16. Windows- Wood frame vinyl clad or high quality all vinyl windows only. White finish preferred. Lower quality all vinyl frames (as determined by the ARB) will not be approved. 

  17. Three complete copies of documents as required.

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