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Business Plan - Total Build Time (10 - 12 Months)

Governing Documents

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Covenants     Covenant Clarifications    Bylaws     Pier Regulations

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Home Selection Choices - Payment/Costing


  1. During the build you will be given allowances to select different items and finishings for the build. Below are a list of the items needed during the build process.

    • Floor Selection (Luxury Vinal Planking)​

    • Kitchen and Bathroom Designs and Selection of Tiles

    • Trek Decking - Trex Enhance Naturals 1-in x 6-in x 16-ft Foggy Wharf Grooved Composite Deck Board
      Item #1217536 - Model #FW010616E2G01

    • Light Fixtures and Ceiling Fans

    • Handles and Door Knobs

    • Towel and Toilet Paper Holders

    • Mirrors for Bathrooms: $1,000


Recommended Add-On options and Costs

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Bocce Ball Court?

To build a Bocce ball court it will cost on average $5-$30 per square foot, expect to pay anywhere from $3600 on the low end and up to $35,490 on the higher end. The court consists of the frame ,and the base layer.

Choosing Your Backyard Bocce Ball Court Size

A standard backyard size is about 60 feet by 12 feet. (96 Sq Feet)

Choosing Your Bocce Ball Frame (Wood, Brick, Stone or Concrete)

Wood - Pressure treated plywood: $10-$100.

Brick - average 8 inch brick costs anywhere from $0.50-$0.75. Total cost of $100-$600 to complete.

Stone - It costs on average $10-$30 per foot. Total cost up to $2,880 to complete.

Concrete - One of the longest lasting border options available to building your bocce ball court has to be concrete. However, this option is similarly expensive to stone pavers, costing around $5-$30 per square foot.

The Base Layer

Most people choose to lay down a layer of decomposed granite or cement as a foundation, then choose a more gravel like material on top of that. It will depend on your budget, and personal preferences of course. The average cost of these materials ranges anywhere from $5-$25 per square foot.


Additional Expenses: A compactor to decompose granite as a base layer as it must be properly compacted together. You will also need to purchase a weed fabric barrier, but this is an inexpensive product, only costing around $50 per 200-300 feet. You could be looking at paying $20-$40 per yard of gravel work. Sometimes gravel can be too largely sized for good bocce ball playing, so this is something to keep in mind.

Top-Layer Surfaces Options You Can Use to Make a Bocce Ball Court?
Sand - Sand can cost anywhere from $10-$30 per cubic yard. Typically relaced yearly and can blow or wash away.

Gravel - Depending on the quality and size of the gravel, you could be looking at paying $20-$40 per yard of gravel work. Sometimes gravel can be too largely sized. It does have ample drainage, and is likely to stay within the confines of your border.

Artificial Turf - Artificial turf is a popular bocce ball court material given its attractive grass appearance and overall ease of maintenance. The average cost of installing artificial turf on your porch will be between $5-$20 per square foot. You will need to also purchase artificial turf adhesive, which will cost another $20 or so, depending on how much you need. However, artificial turf is easy for most homeowners to install, lasts many decades, and will still allow for ample drainage for your court.


Oyster Rock or Crushed Clamshells - One of the most popular bocce ball court top layer materials has to be oyster shell rock or crushed clamshells. Depending on your location, these materials cost an average of $0.60 per square foot. You can finish your bocce ball court cost with something a little bit more reasonable. 


Stone Dust - Similar to oyster rock, you could use different varieties of crushed stone to achieve the bocce ball court of your dreams. Most stone landscape finishes cost anywhere from $15-$30 per cubic yard, depending on the type of stone you’re looking at. This could be something that appeals to you if you have stone in your backyard landscaping already and perhaps you are trying to match a particular shade or style. Regardless, stone dust can give you ample drainage and is usually fairly easy to maintain.

Consider Labor Costs if You Hire Someone to Build it
The average bocce ball court can cost $20-$50 per square foot of installation depending on the contractor you find. While this will include everything, as well as materials, it may be less expensive to build the court yourself. However, sometimes it pays to have something built professionally. You won’t have to worry about getting your concrete level or your frame even, if this is something you struggle with. Likewise, the process may take less time to complete with the help of skilled laborers.

How Much is a Bocce Ball Set?
The average cost of a bocce ball set ranges anywhere from $20-$200, depending on the brand and materials. If you want a regulation set, the average cost should be about $100, unless you are hoping to buy from a specific brand.

Initial build steps

Builders agreement - 


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Bocce Ball Court

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