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New apartment

Utilizing Social Sites - $9.99

Pricing of Building in the Outer Banks - $200.00
Choose to be different, be extraordinary. Have a professional looking site, get repeat customers and wow them and elevate their experience. Show the hard work you put into a property and let them experience it thorough your eyes.

Building a Social Media Presence includes:
This comprehensive guide covering how to setup social media sites and build a profession website precense online. We cover having easy to navigate sites, what the important areas are to showcase and standing out from the crowd. 

Finish the guide knowing:

  1.  Getting setup with social media sites (LinkedIn, Tik Tock, Instagram and Facebook)

  2.  Getting a professional webpage

  3.  Utilizing hash tags and increasing web traffic

  4.  Get on google - directions, google maps and updates web posting business site

  5.  Professional video showcasing properties - you tube or vemeo

  6.  Align with local businesses

  7.  Getting in the know, join local forums

  8.  Establishing positive reviews

  9.  Techniques to take pictures and videos for social media

  10. Partnering with a property manager or online site (Advertising)

looking to shoot a drone dieo of your property, a walkthrough wideo to post on social media or just looking for some professional photograhs and shots for your site. Le tus reach out and snap photos for the home.

​Buy a Digital Copy - Click Here 
Buy a Hard Print Copy - Click here

Professional Property Video - $24.95

Creating a Professional Walkthrough Video
Many times its hard to standout from competitors or show off your property how you feel it should be shown. Create a professional looking video that can be shared on on a website or viewed through social media. Increase your rentals by showcasing yourself.

Creating a Walkthrough video includes:
This provides you multiple editable templates to choose from and step by step directions on how to customize it towards your home. Also included is our official video for one of our properties to use as a reference when creating your own. See it now - Click Here  

Finish the guide knowing:

  1.  Getting access to multiple templates to create your perfect welcome video

  2.  Directions on how to edit your creation in the free version of Canva 

  3.  Steps on uploading your file (On purchase option put video only and package)

  4.  Tips on creating the best quality video and lighting

  5. Using a drone - Getting certified and taking the video. Easy and cheaper long-term

  6. Type of camera needed and what type of filters or images quality settings

  7. Adding sounds to the video. How to pick it and blend it

  8. Proper length and what should be in the videos

  9. Preparing the property for photos and pictures. Avoid reflections in mirrors

  10. Best places to shoot video in OBX



The Workshop templates and all related materials are intended for unlimited use by one person (the Purchaser). The Purchaser cannot resell, duplicate, share, copy, distribute, or offer the workshop or any intellectual property or related materials to any third party or marketplace without express written consent from OBX Luxury Rentals, LLC. OBX Luxury Rentals, LLC retains title and ownership of all items included in this workshop. 

Due to the instant and digital nature of this product, there are no refunds. 

©2023 OBX Luxury Rentals LLC

Are you looking to make a walkthrough video for your property

Pictures and a website 

Someone to handle social media posts for you. 

Let us set you up with the online logins and information with plenty of access to our pictures and items for your own use. 

Feel free to access hundreds of pictures, videos and more with our archives for a monthly fee get continuous use of the items.

Show pictures with watermarks here and low quality and the links to download included.

Drone footage

Want us to do it for you we have packages of 5, 10 videos 20 or 30  customized for what your looking for.

Select your venue such as Facebook, Instagram or TikTok 

we will send you versions for your property. 

Become an influencer overnight...

Tips and tricks on how to use hash tags info and more

How to set up good page, social sites and more.

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