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New apartment

Picking Colors & Finishes - $9.99

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Pricing of Building in the Outer Banks - $200.00
This guide discusses home designs and choosing complementary paint colors for your property. 

The Pricing of Building in the Outer Banks includes:
Lists templets and a step by step guide in operating , maintains and managing a rental Property. Also its in depth about tracking and holding vendors accountable. Cameras sensors and close contact matters.

Finish the workshop knowing:

  1. Creating a professional website

  2. Utilizing social media - FB, Instagram, your tube guide, tik tock etc

  3. Being active on forums and groups

  4. Partnering with an established PM company

  5. Driving traffic to your booking site

  6. Understanding hash tags and search results

  7. Profession photographs and drone videos or Property walk through's.

  8. Professional photography and drone videos

  9. Utilizing technology in the home - smart TV's types of them

  10. Security sensors cameras operating a business



The Workshop templates and all related materials are intended for unlimited use by one person (the Purchaser). The Purchaser cannot resell, duplicate, share, copy, distribute, or offer the workshop or any intellectual property or related materials to any third party or marketplace without express written consent from OBX Luxury Rentals, LLC. OBX Luxury Rentals, LLC retains title and ownership of all items included in this workshop. 

Due to the instant and digital nature of this product, there are no refunds. 

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