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Hotel Resort at Sunrise

Our Difference

OBX Luxury Rentals offers experience services in April and May as well as September and October for getaway experiences you will not soon forget. There is an appeal about the Outer Banks and we have seen changes for over 30 years of visiting and vacationing here. As there are so many wonderful food choices and activities. Coordinating plans, travel and experiences can be time consuming and not always what you expect. We take the guess work out of it and provide a 5 star value from luxury accommodations to preplanned and well through out venues you will experience the Outer Banks line never before. Benefiting from our years of experience, we plan every detail from your accommodations, meals, activities even down to your premium car service. Vacation in the Outer Banks how it was meant to be done without the struggle or risk of a bad activity, not being able to get a reservation for a restaurant or not knowing what to do.


Immerse yourself in the experience rather than the time it take to plan it.. That's why were here

Luxury Travel Accommodations

Travel in comfort as we escort in a chevy suburban or premium rental SUV. This gives you the ability to enjoy your stay not worry about driving and relax during your even while we take care of everything. Due to the remote nature of the area it avoids the problems with expensive transports and Ubers or worrying about renting your own vehicle while enjoying your festivities.

No need to use Google Maps, no need to find parking, and no need to ask for directions. The car is already the perfect temperature.  You can sit back and relax while we worry about navigating traffic.


The benefits of our premium car service

When you have many shares needed per trip they add up even only going a few minutes away. See the estimates from UBER on how much you save by having our included free premium car service. Check out some estimated rates from Uber for ride shares to your excursions and restaurants. The cost of ride shares can easily exceed over $1,000 dollars for the duration of your trip as these are all one way estimates. 

Compare local ride share prices and see the added value and savings we offer with our included car service.

Need to add airport transport?

Transport from the airport is not included in the standard packages. We do offer a discounted rate round trip during your stay. A typical local car service or ride share can run as much as $400 dollars for round trip travel.

Screenshot 2024-03-16 183544.jpg
Screenshot 2024-03-16 183653.jpg

We provide all bookings for our individual guests a discounted car service in a premium vehicle of $199 total roundtrip. This is a typical savings of almost 50% off booking it yourself. 

No extra rideshare charge for guests sharing a room.

Learn about our cleaning procedures between events

we include linen services top premium linens and info

each day include water, soda and snacks s as complementary treats in each of the rooms.
2 bottles water
2 cokes and ginger ale cans
snakcs and other treats 

when your styign at one of our [ropprties you get out luxury standard which includes

free hsmppo conditioner wash and laundry detergets
steaming services included and cable
luxury pillows, blankets and bedding and sheets
complementary complementary snacks and treats
luxury car service for your stay

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We offer a luxury rental service in the center of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. We partnered with Resort Realty to handle any of your vacation needs. OBX Adventures is presented by OBX Luxury Rentals LLC. They are owned and operated through the Stress Less and Stress Less II Rental Properties in First Flight Ridge.

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