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Eating out in Kitty Hawk

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

I travel a lot and I am always amazed how the seafood in the Outer Banks always falls on the top of my list. I have had local favorites from different areas such as red snapper in Florida, to HAPU’UPU’U (Sea Bass) which typically is only found in the Hawaiian Islands. The conch in the Bahamas which they serve as stew fish or conch. I have even tasted outstanding oysters and shellfish from the waterfront in California to the eateries in downtown Boston near their waterfront. Whether its a local watering hole or a luxury restaurant I still find myself a bit nostalgic about the freshness and taste of the fish that come out of the waters in OBX.

To start lets see some favorites I tend to visit in the center of Kitty Hawk around M.P. 4.5 which has an array of quality restaurants. If your anything like myself and enjoy a glass of wine, tasting different charcuterie boards as well as tasting local specialties the top of my list starts with a local favorite called Trio. This has a great assortment of meats and cheeses where you can just enjoy an afternoon sipping wine and snacking on a variety of different plates. It also has a expanded restaurant which has become quite popular while outstanding meals which include some local fish dishes as well as very. I love everything from their hand held items such as the Brie & Prosciutto Panini and French dip to the Strip Steak or Crab Pot Pie. This surely will not disappoint, great for a date or a night out with some friends.

Another local restaurant which focuses more on comfort foods is the Pony and the Boat. Its a casual welcoming space decorated with reclaimed wood treated in the Japanese fire-touched method of yakisugi. A fireplace and a hanging row boat in the main dining area with decorative steel accents. Also they have a separate spacious bar area to just grab a drink with a local brew. They have a smaller menu but it ranges anywhere from local seafood to Mac and Cheese or Pot Roast.

Now I understand even though seafood is one of my favorite foods everyone has different tastes. So if your looking for something different they have a small quaint place with huge portions called Josephine’s Sicilian Kitchen. This is pretty much the only authentic Italian restaurant in the Outer Banks. Also even though coming from the northeast and benefiting from an array of great Italian restaurants I will say its doesn't stand out from some of the places I have tried over the years, but if your looking for a solid meal and want to stray from the typical seafood restaurants down there they do still make very good dishes. Also because they are pretty much the only Italian restaurant in the area expect a line to form outside the door from the minute it opens. Its a fun place with nice décor and a relaxing feel and their home made bread is defiantly a standout.

Now even though its fun to eat out sometime its enjoyable to have a meal at your rental. Located in the same strip as Josephine's is the Outer Banks Boil Company. If your not familiar with this type of place they take local seafood add potato's, corn, any type of shell fish you can think of and have an instant fresh meal. They prepackage them to go where you can cook it yourself, they will steam it for you or even have someone come and prepare it for you right in your home. I will say if you want to get a true taste of OBX seafood and avoid some of the crazy waits at the restaurants this is a great option which has become more and more popular over the years. Now another tip which has wonderful to go pots and steamed seafood is a place called Austin's Seafood Market. This is nothing fancy to look at but the seafood is fresh off the boat, they will steam the buckets or dishes for you and the locals tend to be around here all the time. The thing I have learned if you have locals purchasing from a place it may be something you want to try. Also if you don't mind a place that's a bit less flashy or trendy your can great a great value as your willing to do a bit of setup yourself for the meal.

Looking for more of a a light snack or something sweet in the area try The Spot. They serve everything from Açaí Bowls to fruit smoothies and even ice cream. The other local favorite and just a short 3 minute walk from our rental is Big Bucks Ice Cream. They have great fudge, ice cream and treats that if you have kids expect to be walking out of there buying a few extras you may not have been expecting. Needless to say there are so many good places to eat throughout the Outer Banks but you don't typically have to go very far to enjoy a great meal.

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