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Beach Package for Two

Beach Package for Two

SKU: 498103

Enjoy our Beach Package for Two to make your day at the beach a bit more comfortable. At only $125 you will receive our Neso beach tent with table and two upgraded chairs along with our beach blanket, backpack cooler and two insulated Rambler 12 oz colster cans for the ultimate in luxury on the ocean. Unlike renting from local vendors where you are charged by the hour or week, your one-time payment is good for the entirety of your trip. See the detailed list to see the item specifications for what’s included in your package.

  • Items included in this package

    Neso 1 Beach Tent

    Neso Beach Table

    Backpack Cooler Chair (2) 

    Oversized Beach Banket 

    Maelstrom Backpack Cooler

    Rambler 12 oz Colster Can Insulator (2 Pack)

  • Additional Information

    Please note prior to delivery you must complete a Risk and Release Waiver for any individuals using the beach gear. Also, all gear should be returned to the storage bin at Stress Less prior to your departure in the same condition it was received.

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