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Sand Free Beach Blanket 10' X 9' Large Oversized

Sand Free Beach Blanket 10' X 9' Large Oversized


SEGOAL Sand Free Beach Blanket 10' X 9' Large Oversized Waterproof Soft Lightweight Durable Quick Drying Portable Sand Proof Mat for Adults Family Picnic or time on the beach with 4 corner pockets.

  • Product Information

    The huge size of 10'X 9' made it's perfect for a family of 7 and can even spread out. Perfect for outdoor recreation, the Sand-Proof Beach Mat is a must-have item for all your Spring and Summer activities! So soft and comfortable, this mat is better than any towel or regular picnic blanket that you can find and the softer material is easily folded into a small carry bag. The unique technology delivers a completely sand-proof experience. The little water that may stay behind will dry VERY FAST. Made of a soft, RIP-STOP Nylon material.

    Tip: this beach blanket does not allow sand going through. But it's made of Ripstop Nylon, it's perfect for beach ground covering. lt's easy to SHAKE OFF the sand and dirt, just shake the blanket and it easily gets rid of all the sand once. It's Machine washable, Easy to Clean.

  • Additional Information

    Please note prior to delivery you must complete a Risk and Release Waiver for any individuals using the beach gear. Also, all gear should be returned to the storage bin at Stress Less prior to your departure in the same condition it was received.

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