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Tahj Terracotta Vase

Tahj Terracotta Vase


Handcrafted using traditional Moroccan techniques, these vases are heirloom-worthy works of art. With warm earth tones and bold sculptural lines, each vase is a stunningly unique statement piece that instantly elevates your space. Style it with dried florals or as a standalone accent for eye-catching decor.


Handcrafted by a family-run workshop in Safi, Morocco. From soaking the clay to shaping each piece by hand, the entire process takes more than 20 days from start to finish. Ethically sourced in small batches and made exclusively in a fair trade environment.


Made to be used as a dry vase only. If styled with water, make sure to use a dish or tray underneath.

Limited Edition. Ethically sourced in small batches.

  • Shipping and Returns

    Orders are processed within two business with an average delivery time between 2-5 days. Delivery times may vary depending on stock and availability. FedEx Ground ships products purchased through our website. 

  • Additional Information

    DIMENSIONS - Small, Medium, Large

    MATERIALS - Ceramic

    COLORS - Terracotta


    TIME TO MAKE - 3 weeks

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