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Zoya Terracotta Vase

Zoya Terracotta Vase


Modern, sculptural, and effortlessly beautiful, these blanc terracotta vases are crafted by master ceramists on the coast of Morocco. Featuring a soft ivory finish and abstract curves, each vase is a work of modern art.


Handcrafted by a family-run workshop in Morocco. From soaking the clay to shaping each piece on a foot-crank pottery wheel, the entire process takes up to 20 days to complete. Made from start to finish in a fair trade environment.


Made to be used as a dry vase only. If styled with water, make sure to use a dish or tray underneath.

Limited Edition. Ethically sourced in small batches.

  • Shipping and Returns

    Orders are processed within two business with an average delivery time between 2-5 days. Delivery times may vary depending on stock and availability. FedEx Ground ships products purchased through our website. 

  • Additional Information

    DIMENSIONS - Small, Medium, Large

    MATERIALS - Ceramic

    COLORS - Ivory


    TIME TO MAKE - 3 weeks

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