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Hotel Resort at Sunrise

Our Difference

OBX Luxury Rentals offers experience services in April and May as well as September and October for getaway experiences you will not soon forget. There is an appeal about the Outer Banks and we have seen changes for over 30 years of visiting and vacationing here. As there are so many wonderful food choices and activities. Coordinating plans, travel and experiences can be time consuming and not always what you expect. We take the guess work out of it and provide a 5 star value from luxury accommodations to preplanned and well through out venues you will experience the Outer Banks line never before. Benefiting from our years of experience, we plan every detail from your accommodations, meals, activities even down to your premium car service. Vacation in the Outer Banks how it was meant to be done without the struggle or risk of a bad activity, not being able to get a reservation for a restaurant or not knowing what to do.


Immerse yourself in the experience rather than the time it take to plan it.. That's why were here

Immerse yourself in the local culture

We give you a true taste of the Outer banks from the local culture to the food and even the drinks. When possible you will experience the local beer, wine and seltzers of the area and get a taste of the local flavors. Below are some examples of what may be offered during your experience. Enjoy local beers and growlers to the wines and spirits of the outer banks of North Carolina.       

A Taste of the Outer Banks


We Support Local Vendors

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So why us?

Other than the high end luxury amenities, top of the line bedding and pillows, a beautifully located home in the center of everything in the Outer banks. Top of the line experiences and restaurants and premium transportation. We just have this figured out, see for yourself and take on one of these luxury trips for yourself.

No Getting Lost, No Waiting and Coordinating Car Services

We handle your Transportation between all scheduled events, meals and endeavors. So sit back and relax.

Pre-Planned Activities and Meals

We have already selected top of the line experiences taking the guess work out. Just to be sure we tested them out to make sure they were worth doing and a great value for the money. Also we make sure you get to avoid long waits and lines by having reservations set at all your predetermined destinations.

A Great Nights Sleep 

From the top of the line bedding, to the Malouf latex foam pillow in addition to our 400 count sheet set. We don't skimp even a bit on the quality for a great nights sleep after a fun enjoyable day. 

Utilize our Expertise

Nothing is worse than not being able to figure out what to do or where to eat. We have preselected options based on experience that will make your trip memorable. In addition as we coordinate packages many times were able to search out and get the best possible price for your trip. No need to overpay...

Compare us to the Competition

Even though there are many places who line up activities or do short excursions. We plan everything from start to finish at a high level. Experience true comfort and luxury at OBX Adventures sponsored by OBX Luxury Rentals LLC.

Safe and Secure

We have motion censored security light in common areas as well as entering and leaving the home. In addition each of your rooms is equipped with keypad smart door locks where your given and entry code upon arrive and can rest easy while you sleep. Keypad Smart Door Lock one each suite. Ring Smart lighting and motion sensors. Window and door sensors as well, monitoring while your our to confirm no one enters while your away.


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We offer a luxury rental service in the center of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. We partnered with Resort Realty to handle any of your vacation needs. OBX Adventures is presented by OBX Luxury Rentals LLC. They are owned and operated through the Stress Less and Stress Less II Rental Properties in First Flight Ridge.

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include time to be ready pick up adn drop off procedures as well as types of vehicles based n group size to be used.


add procedures for airport pick ups 

cleaning procedures for vehicles as well as if you puke guidlines on clean up and cleaning costs.

we add water and small things in the vans


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