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The Best Mini-Golf in OBX

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

So, you have many mini golf choices throughout the Outer Banks. Some may even include additions such as bumper cars or arcades, so here are some of my favorite options. Obviously, the location of your rental can have an influence on your decision, but let’s go through the pros and cons of each. I listed my favorite top 10 locations below based on my experience starting with the best.

  1. Professor Hacker's Lost Treasure Golf

  2. Mutiny Bay Adventure Golf

  3. The Grass Course

  4. Pirates Island Golf

  5. Paradise Fun Park

  6. Corolla Adventure Golf and Bumper Cars

  7. Jurassic Putt

  8. Destination Fun Glow Course

  9. Uncle Eddy's Frozen Custard and 18-hole Mini Golf

  10. Frisco Mini Golf and GO Karts

Professor Hacker's Lost Treasure Golf

Of all the locations available, I would consider this one of the premier mini golf courses throughout the Outer Banks. Located in Kill Devil Hills it has two 18-hole courses called the Gold and Diamond courses. The round starts with a Mining Train Car that takes you on a ride through the property until it reaches the first hole. The themed course revolves around an explorer Professor Duffer A. Hacker who led two expeditions to the Outer Banks in the late 1920’s. As the story goes, he was looking for answers to what happened to the Lost Colony of Roanoke Island and a lost treasure that was believed to belong to Blackbeard the Pirate. These fun and challenging courses will cost adults $13.00 per round and children $6.00 - $11.00 depending on their age. They also accommodate large group with discounted rates for parties of 12 or more. The signage is funny and interesting, and the attention to detail adds to the overall experience. The caverns, train ride and waterfalls along with the pirate ship and town make this one of my favorite places to enjoy a round of mini golf.

Professor Hackers Lost Treasure Golf

Mutiny Bay Adventure Golf

Next on the list is a fun well designed course called Mutiny Bay. This 18-hole mini golf course with sound views is located in Nag's Head. Directly off the main strip, this is also designed with water hazards, a pirate ship and an old-style town. It has plenty of challenging obstacles, as well as an onsite clubhouse with a limited arcade. Inside you will find Pacman, Pinball, a claw machine as well as vending machines and ice cream. To play a round at Mutiny Bay will cost adults $10 per game and children will pay $9. This course is especially enjoyable with sunset views if you play at the right time.

The Grass Course

Now third on my list is a bit of a different type of course. Located in Corolla is The Grass Course which has 20 holes of miniature golf. This may appeal to certain types of people but can be a bit more challenging. This is an all-natural grass course where the holes each range from a par 3-5. Comparable to the other courses, the tickets range from $13 for adults to $8 for children. One of the differences at this location is it allows for any variety of beverages. You can purchase nonalcoholic items as well as adult beverages or beer. This outdoor experience allows you to bring your own putter or use one of theirs. More in line with a true golf experience this can defiantly be a bit more challenging than a traditional mini golf course. You will find narrow holes, challenging putts and if you’re not careful you will end up in heavy rough.

Pirates Island, Corolla, NC

Next on the list is Pirates Island at Corolla Light town Center. This 18-Hole Miniature Golf Course and arcade also has a pirate themed design. Decorated with waterfalls, a pirate ship, caves, and skulls it’s a relatively new location. Replacing a former skateboard park in 2017 it’s a smaller footprint but with many of the design aspects of the top locations. It incorporates interactive sounds which enhance your experience, and the caves cannons and waterfalls make it a fun round. View on you tube - Click Here

Paradise Fun Park

The next option is a bit more than just mini golf. As you enter the facility you will walk through a better than average arcade compared to what's offered at many of the other similar facilities. In addition, they offer go karts, bumper cars and have a nice selection of ice cream. So, if you’re looking for an experience where you can get a few different activities in, this may be a good option. The two 18-hole golf courses offered here are more mid-range for what's available throughout the Outer Banks. You can tell the courses have a little wear to them on certain holes. As with many other local options they also have caves, a pirate ship, and several water features. It is important to note that you can tell they didn't put as much effort into the designs as the prior few courses. Still if you’re looking for a fun day out and and areas to escape the heat, this allows you to be able to do just that. Tickets here will range from $12 - $15 based on your age and it has one of the largest selection of activities all located in one place.

Corolla Adventure Golf and Bumper Cars

Our next choice is in downtown Corolla. This course is straight forward and aligned with a more standard mini golf experience. It has better than average decorations, but few areas to that would provide protection from the sun. Almost all the holes are in direct sunlight, and it does get busy. In addition to offering bumper cars, they sell ice cream and have an on-site snack bar. Available are 3 Corolla-themed nine-hole courses from easy to challenging which showcase different aspects of the Outer Banks. A Currituck Beach Lighthouse, fishing village, miniature Whalehead along with wild horses add this to the list of my top 10. Notably this is one of the best locations for strollers and its wheelchair friendly.

Jurassic Putt

This two-course design its decorated throughout with a prehistoric theme. Overall, a bit dated but fun to spend time at. It stands out from all the pirate themed courses and is located right off the sound. I also categorize this as a mid-range option. It still provides all that you would expect in a minigolf course but with less bells and whistles than some of our earlier choices. Also a turf putting surface with brick surrounds, this course that has been around for as long as can remember.

As you make your way to Hatteras Island, they have three locations to choose from. As you enter the tri-villages you have Destination Fun which also has a location in Kill Devil Hills. This has an entire building featuring pirate-themed laser tag, a video game arcade with over 50 games, and an indoor 9-hole blacklight course. If it’s a hot or rainy day and you want to escape the heat this definitely can pass the time but when compared to some of your choices on the main island it just doesn't stack up. As you travel to Buxton you will see Uncle Eddy's Frozen Custard and 18-hole Mini Golf and a little further up the road is Frisco Mini Golf and Go Karts. Both locations have good features, but the mini golf comes up short. They are good options for the area and offer pretty tasty ice cream, but the facilities are a bit dated and overall, not to the same level as some of the top choices.

Some of the other courses that didn't make the list but are in the area are Blackbeard's Miniature Golf in Nags Head. The Corolla Water Sports and Golf Link which is a soundfront miniature golf course with several holes on an island and Galaxy Golf in Kill Devil Hills.

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