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Rainy Days in OBX

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

So as a person who has been visiting the Outer Banks for three decades and who hosts a luxury rental property Stress Less in Kitty Hawk N.C. I have a bit of experience in figuring out things to do on a rainy day. Hopefully you have a rental with a theatre or game room which you can enjoy some quality time with your family playing games or watching a show. If not, below are list of some of our favorite activities to do in the local area.

You may be located anywhere throughout the Outer Banks but I am sharing my favorites starting within the vicinity of our place. A short drive north just 3 miles away or 6 minutes from our rental is OB-Xscape Rooms. This facility is located in Southern Shores between Kitty Hawk and Duck. Since the area, especially Ocracoke Island is known for famous pirates such as Blackbeard along with the reputation of being the Graveyard of the Atlantic, with estimates close to 3,000 shipwrecks. Their pirate themed escape room adventure fits right in with your vacation. If you have never experienced an escape room, this one hosts 7 different themes to be challenging for all types. Themes range from escaping a jail block, to a murder case and avoiding a reactor meltdown. A local favorite is Mutiny on the Lark, which is a pirate themed fun adventure. Rain or shine this allows for a fun family oriented private experience where you get to use problem solving skills as well as being a unique getaway from the sun or rain. Make sure you keep an eye on the weather because they book up quick on rainy days.

Mutiny on the Lark

If you are looking to head south... travel 5 mins down the highway to R/C Kill Devil Hills Movies 10. A ten screen movie theatre that will surely be a good spot to take the kids or a break while watching a current blockbuster flick. The arcade is small but the staff is friendly, so it makes for a great activity to do on a rainy day. This is also the best local theatre in the area. See the current list of movies and times playing here. Click Here

Looking for more of a quick paced activity, you have an assortments of local arcades, laser tag facility's, golf simulators and more all throughout the main strip. Take a trip to Nags head and try the OBX Bowling Center or take a stroll down the street if you can't stay off the golf courses play 18 holes at a top end indoor simulator Turf's Up OBX. A bit pricey but a fun time. This indoor entertainment is a sports-simulation complex hosting sports and games on HD simulators. Play more than 90 courses or enjoy sports like baseball, soccer and hockey to carnival games or Zombie Dodgeball.

One of the busiest local attractions is the Aquarium at Roanoke Island. Wander through the open air wild wetlands featuring river otters, alligators and turtles. See the showcases with amphibians, snakes and juvenile alligators, tied to the waters of the Albemarle. Also enjoy the sea turtle conservation center (STAR) which is an interactive Sea Turtle Rescue exhibit. Like to have a more hands on experience? Touch the stingrays and invertebrates in Sea Senses, or wander over to world of sea jellies in Delicate Drifters. This is one of the newest exhibits and my personal favorite. This facility hosts many aquarium exhibits as well as some out door spaces to do some exploring from the Sound side Pier to the external exhibits on the grounds.

So obviously the focal point of the Outer Banks is the beautiful beaches and oceans, along with the many water sports on the sound. Even with bad weather this is an area where you can find things to do rain or shine.

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