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Made Fairly for Humankind

We are inspired by the craftsmanship, care and tradition that goes into handcrafted goods and believe everyone should be able to access ethically sourced handmade products from around the world. We partner with artisans to combine their traditional craft methods and locally sourced materials with contemporary designs. Together, we bring you exclusive handmade goods that make a positive impact.

Our mission is to support artisans and honor their craft. We do this by employing artisans at fair trade standards, meaning they're paid a fair wage and have a safe and healthy work environment. In working directly with local artisans, we're able to take their products further than they've been before.

Additionally, as we spend time with artisans and begin to understand the communities' needs, we partner with local leaders on development projects. We've been able to support a number of projects - from establishing adult literacy classes in Rwanda to supporting a local shelter for trafficking survivors in Nepal.

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Top Sellers

Yasmine Taper Holder

Screenshot 2023-11-10 151030.jpg

Handcrafted by a family-run workshop in Safi, each piece is shaped, painted and glazed by hand using traditional Moroccan techniques.

Chebika Bread Board

Screenshot 2023-11-10 155209.jpg

Handcarved in Tunisia, perfect for entertaining, the sleek handle makes it great for serving guests or passing around the table.

Medina Serving Bowls

Screenshot 2023-11-11 133408.jpg

Warm tones and raw edges make this serving staple a natural beauty. Instantly up your table decor with this handcrafted serving bowl. 

La Marea Alpaca Throw


A soft, neutral tone, lightweight and breathable yet super warm and cozy, this throw is

perfect for cuddling up on cooler nights.

Salima Storage Baskets


Entirely made by hand in Malawi with locally sourced palm leaves, these baskets are super durable and made to last.

Zuri Coaster Set


Add a touch of luxe to evening cocktails with this stunning set. Handcrafted by master artisans in Uganda, this set is a rare beauty.


See our collections of handcrafted goods from around the world.


Our artisan partners in Morocco have been throwing pottery for generations using traditional Moroccan techniques. The meticulous handmade process takes up to 20 days from start to finish and results in the finest ceramic goods made to stand the test of time.  From the breezy western coast of Morocco, our artisan partners have been crafting the finest quality ceramics for generations. Using traditional handcrafted techniques, they play are preserving the ancient art of pottery in Morocco.


In the outskirts of Salima, is where you’ll find this group of artisans who’ve been honing their craft for decades. Basket weaving is an ancient tradition and our artisan partners are working to preserve their ancestral craft for future generations. 


Nestled in a quiet mountain village in the Central Highlands, our artisan partners use traditional looms to weave each blanket by hand. Each blanket takes a week to make from start to finish. From weaving each intricate pattern to hand-tying every fringe, the collection is made exclusively in a fair trade environment.


Our artisan partners in Uganda have perfected the art of recycling Ankole horn into stunning, one of a kind accents. The meticulous handmade process takes 3 to 4 days from start to finish. The result? Beautifully unique goods made to stand the test of time. We believe home decor should be a collection of meaningful items that add function and beauty to the every day. With that in mind, we spent months designing our newest collection of home and bar accents.


For years, we've been working with artisan groups around the globe creating custom products for businesses and retailers and we're thrilled to start sharing them with you. Tomorrow, we're bringing you our first ever limited edition collection.

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